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Get your business apps out of the browser and put them in Silo where you can secure and control them. 

Silo is a cloud-based container designed for secure, controlled access to your important web apps.

Secure web apps

Each time they launch Silo, users get a freshly built browsing environment with SSO links to provisioned apps. All web code is contained within Silo, meaning apps are insulated from exploits, and business data is kept separate from personal browsing. Users interact with a benign display of the web app, keeping all web code off the device. And at session end Silo is destroyed along with all transient browsing data, leaving the device and server stateless. With Silo, your web apps live beyond the reach of network, client-side or web borne exploits.

Control access

Accessing apps in Silo is simple, robust and flexible. Authentication to Silo adjusts based on device and location. Users get streamlined access when things look typical, but face a higher bar when things don't. Once properly authenticated, Silo offers simple 1-click access to the web apps you've provisioned. Managing credentials in Silo gives you unprecedented control. For example you can provision apps without revealing login details, or revoke individual access without impacting entire teams which is perfect for shared accounts. You can set user's credentials or let them manage their own logins. Silo is a centralized way to control access to your web apps.

Enforce policies

Web apps lack a uniform set of controls. But with Silo you can apply policies consistently regardless of the user's device. Define device access rights, strong authentication triggers, data transfer restrictions, site linking rules and more. For instance it's easy to enable access to Silo from anywhere, but restrict downloading of data to only known devices. You can configure policies at global, group or user levels. And with Silo's reporting tools, you have instant visibility into how your web apps are being accessed and what policies are being triggered.